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    Terms of use
    Welcome to our web site. The 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 (“同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐”) set forth herein is entered into between you (“User” or “you”) and HLC Metal parts Ltd (“HLC”, “we” or “us”). This 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 shall govern any and all of your access and use of the websites of HLC (URL: www.hlc-metalparts.com) (the “Site”) hold by HLC. By accessing and/or using the Site, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐. Please review the following terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree to these and conditions, you should not use the Site.

    1. GENERAL
    1.1 Content of the Site. The Site provides an online platform for companies and organizations to access or use of the information, materials, documents, text, images, video clips, directories, files, databases, listings, service, and/or mechanisms provided via the Site and/or use the services concerning business-to-business e-commerce trades, as well as other services, provided via the Site for engaging in e-commerce trades (“Content”).
    1.2 Amendment. HLC may, at its sole discretion, amend this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 at any time by posting the latest 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 on the Site, without any specific notice to User. It is the responsibility of User to review the most recently published 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐. No amendment or alteration shall be made to this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 without HLC’s prior consent.

    2.1 User hereby agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐. By accessing and/or using the Site, User accepts and agrees to be bound by this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 regardless of whether User has actually read and/or reviewed this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 or not. Further, by accessing, using, continuing accessing and/or using the Site, User accepts and agrees to be bound by the most updated version of this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐, if any. In the event User does not agree any of the terms and conditions set forth in the most updated version of this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐, User shall cease from accessing and/or using the Site immediately.
    2.2 This 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐, together with the Site’s Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property Right Infringement Policy, Product Listing Policy, Liability Disclaimer, Notice of Personal Information Protection and other terms and conditions provided from time to time by HLC for User to follow (together with, if User is the Member of the Site, the applicable Membership Agreement) which are incorporated by reference herein, constitute the entire agreement between User and HLC, and supersede all prior understandings, agreements, undertakings or warranties with respect to the Site, the information, product or service provided by or through the Site and the subject matter of this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐.

    3.1 Content Provided. HLC shall have the rights to determine the Content and the way the Content provided to User. User confirms that HLC may, at its sole discretion, remove, modify, upgrade, suspend , cancel or terminate any and all of the Content at any time without prior notice to User. In the event User fails to provide any material necessary to the services of the Site or to use the services of the Site within the time period prescribed by HLC, User shall not be capable of enjoying the services of the Site and shall have no right to request for any damages resulting therefrom.
    3.2 Limitation of Use. HLC shall have the right to limit User’s use of any and all of the Content, including but not limited to modifying or removing any information posted on the Site by User, or review the information provided by User before posting, for any reason, without giving any prior notice to User. HLC reserves the right in it sole discretion to remove any material it reasonably believes that is unlawful, could subject HLC to liability, violates this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 or is otherwise found inappropriate in HLC’s opinion. User acknowledges and agrees that HLC shall not be liable to any party for any limitation of the use of the Content set by HLC to User.
    3.3 Content Provided by Third Party. User acknowledges and agrees that certain content offered via the Site may be provided by a third party (“Third Party Content”), HLC shall have no liability for such Third Party Content. HLC is entitled to, at its sole discretion, remove, modify, upgrade, suspend, cancel or terminate any and all such Third Party Content at any time without prior notice to User, and HLC shall not be liable for any of the foregoing measures.

    No Reselling. User’s access, use and/or viewing of the Site shall be limited to its own personal or internal purposes. Any use of the Content for any purpose not expressly permitted in this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 is prohibited. User agrees that it shall not copy, reproduce, download and/or systematic retrieve any Content of the Site for the purpose of distributing, selling, or otherwise commercially exploiting the Content without prior written consent from HLC.


    The Content of the Site are the intellectual properties of HLC or other right holders, as the case may be, which are protected by the applicable laws related to copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights and may not be downloaded or otherwise duplicated without the express written permission of HLC or the right holders. All title, ownership and intellectual property rights in the Content shall remain with HLC. Use of any of the foregoing without obtainment of consent from HLC is strictly prohibited and HLC reserves all rights therein.

    The Privacy Policy of the Site shall be considered a part of this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐. The Site’s current Privacy Policy practices are accessible through the “Privacy Policy” link located near the bottom of most pages on the Site. You may also click here to review HLC Privacy Policy. As a result of the World Wide Web evolving constantly, security features and privacy policies may change from time to time. HLC reserves the right to amend or modify its Privacy Policy at any time. Users should review the Privacy Policy on a regular basis so they can be apprised of any changes.

    8.1Severability. If any provision or portion of this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 shall be deemed unenforceable or invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, such provision or portion shall be struck out and other provisions or portion of this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 shall remain in full force and effect. Any such unenforceable or invalid provision or portion thereof shall be changed so as to best accomplish the objectives of such provision or portion within the limits of applicable law(s).
    8.2 Assignment. HLC shall have the right to assign this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 to any person or entity. Users may not assign this 同乐城游戏_同乐城娱乐网网络赌场_逍遥坊同乐城娱乐 to any person or entity unless otherwise agreed by HLC.